Our offer


We carry out repairs of vessels in the dock and at the wharfs.

We carry out:

  • hull, steel, maintenance and painting works,
  • electrical works, including repairs of main and auxiliary engines and generating sets,
  • mechanical works, including the repair of propellers and propeller shafts, as well as the repair of rudders and steering gear,
  • pipe works,
  • surveys, internal and external inspections of pressure vessels, including pressure tests,
  • carpentry works.

In the event of a breakdown, our mobile teams provide 24-hour service and are able to carry out repairs directly on the ship, without taking the unit out of service.


We are the oldest and most experienced company in Poland in the field of LSA equipment servicing.

We offer:

  • mannual and 5-year surveys and inspections of launching devices (davits for lifeboats, rescue boats and life rafts),
  • maintenance and comprehensive repair and renovation of lifeboats, rescue boats and life rafts,
  • surveys of winches, hoists and gangways with overload tests,
  • repair and modernisation of stationary cranes, winches, hoists and gangways,
  • overload tests of davits for lifeboats, rescue boats and life rafts and deck cranes to the full extent required by a given equipment.


We are the sole representative of the largest manufacturers of life-saving equipment at sea and we have numerous certificates and homologations of all leading Classification Societies in this field.

In the field of rescue equipment, we offer delivery and service of:

  • life rafts by VIKING A/S, both for commercial shipping and for sailors,
  • survival suits,
  • inflatable buoyancy aid vests and life jackets,
  • lifeboats, RB and FRB boats.

We deliver:

  • marine pyrotechnics,
  • water and food rations,
  • lighting sets for lifebelts and survival suits,
  • small rescue equipment.



We offer docking services for ships up to 130 m LOA and capacity up to 5.000,0 DWT

We carry out:

  • Intermediate docking renovations
  • Ship class renewal
  • Emergency docking renovations.


Net Marine Group offers:

  • surveys, repairs and modifications to fixed and portable fire fighting equipment,
  • surveys and repairs of breathing apparatuses and fire detection and fire alarm systems,
  • cylinder service.

Net Marine Group also offers services accompanying fire services, such as:

  • laboratory analysis of foaming agents
  • air compressor service and air analysis
  • service of technical gas measuring devices.

During the works, we provide a full range of parts and subassemblies for the serviced equipment, and homologations and certificates of reputable Classification Societies we have guarantee high quality of services and satisfaction of the Shipowner.


Thanks to the complementarity of services, Net Marine Group carries out even the most complex orders for repairs on drilling platforms and supply ships for the OFFSHORE industry.

The scope of our activities includes steel, pipe and maintenance works carried out in difficult conditions and at significant heights.

We offer reconstruction and modernisation of specialised systems related to mining.

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